Study method courses

Our study method courses: what does Ready Steady Study! offer you and your child?

Study Method Courses

Our study method courses at Ready Steady Study! offers parents and children an equipped running start from Gr.4, preparation for high school, the opportunity for the late bloomer to master study techniques which can ensure optimal matric results, and for the teacher to obtain CPD-points.

Study method course for parent and child

The following aspects are dealt with in the course:
  1. Each child’s unique brain dominance.
  2. Discovery of the child’s preferred modality,
    i.e. which sense-organ functions the strongest.
  3. Discovery of the child’s intelligences and the influence thereof on learning.
  4. Discovery of the brain – how it remembers and forgets, and how to help it.
  5. The world of memory and skills to improve it.
  6. All study methods, strategies and techniques are practiced under supervision.
  7. Discovery of the value of time management, planning, goal setting and a healthy study environment.
  8. Various study methods that will suit the child’s brain profile.
  9. Preparation for tests and exams.

Study method course for teachers

The South African Education Department is encouraging teachers nationwide to continually improve their teaching skills. One method is by attending courses to attain CPD-points. SACE (South African Council for Educators) recently awarded Ready Steady Study! with accreditation. At Ready Steady Study! we eagerly strive to raise the bar of teacher and child alike. There is thus a dual purpose: as the teacher is empowered for herself how to study smartly, she presents lessons that empower children to also study smartly. We have a team of knowledgeable, enthusiastic presenters who would love to be part of this empowerment process.  

It is our endeavour to train the teachers of South Africa in the use of a series of creative methods which amongst others increase the assimilation of the lesson content because more intelligences are addressed. This course is very practical and integrates study methodology, the amazing importance of pictures, how to address a variety of learning styles as well as how to give good summary notes.

Further aspects like how the brain works, methods of lesson presentation, the class room as a study environment and memorising as the end product, are addressed in the course. For more information, send an e-mail to a presenter in your area.unco;