Ready Steady Study!

What is Ready Steady Study?!

Ready steady studyReady Steady Study! is an opportunity where parents and children learn how to study. We use creative study methods and mnemonic techniques. We also pin everything to memory by doing little activities and exercises. These all make studying simple, enjoyable, and less time-consuming. 

We do brain profiles and individual learning profiles  on request according to a standardised test. We pay special attention to children’s unique auditory-, visual- and kinesthetic modes of learning.  By  empowering children in this manner, they can develop their own style of learning. This will then help them to become independent learners.  

For our courses, we gather in small groups. In these intimate groups, we can discuss extra aspects. These are crucial to  successful studying, and it includes time management, stress management, SMART goal setting and a favourable study environment.
We as education-professionals would love to serve your community. We present courses and workshops countrywide. We have worked in major South African cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg and Bloemfontein, and have presented courses as far as Ladysmith (KZN), Douglas, Burgersdorp, Ellisras and Citrusdal
Have no fear, we come to you!

Meet the presenters

Wilna Greyling Ready Steady Study Presenter

Wilna Greyling

Gauteng, Western Cape, etc. 
B.A. (N.H.O.D.) B.Ed. (Psig) M.Ed. (Psig) – RA

Wilna is an educational psychologist in private practice. She specialises and has a special interest in parent guidance. She works with children and adolescents of all ages, and does complete psychological-educational assessments. She does study guidance, is an educator  and a Ready Steady Study! presenter.

Renate Boshoff Ready Steady Study Presenter

Renate Boshoff

Free State, Northern Cape, etc.
B.A. (N.H.O.D) – RAU B.Ed. (Hons) – UFS.

Renate was an ad hoc lecturer at the Dept. of Education at the University of the Free State, an English- and ECD-lecturer at Motheo FET College, a home school mom for 7 years, a pre-primary school principal and teacher. Presently she is an educator and also a Ready Steady Study! presenter.